imageI am extremely excited to announce that Alyssa Kaplan, Orlando childbirth educator and yoga instructor, is joining Sacred Birth and supporting the intention to hold a sacred space for every birthing family we have the privilege and honor to work with.  The time has come to expand and collectively open our hearts to be in service in the highest way in which we have been led.  I am proud and honored that Alyssa resonates with the philosophy of Sacred Birth and feels inspired to join in this mission.  I am ready to rock our gifts together as we create a Sacred Birth Family and set our intentions as high as the sky.  Here is her message to you, our community:


Welcome mamas, friends, and families!  I am beyond grateful and excited to co-create Sacred Birth together.  Each and every one of you reading this is invited to come share your experience and wisdom as we grow our family and expand our expertise.  My name is Alyssa Kaplan and I am the lead Childbirth Educator, Doula, and Yoga Instructor of the Sacred Birth Family.  I’m thrilled to be offering the community many diverse classes ranging from a 5-week journey to a 1 day labor essentials workshop.  Our classes will include natural prevention during pregnancy, all birthing choices from home birth to hospital birth, and breastfeeding basics: how to get your family off to a healthy start!  We are also creating monthly gatherings called “Ask the midwife”, where we will openly explore and discuss different topics within the community.  I envision the Sacred Birth Family to not only hold gatherings during the childbearing years but also ceremonies beginning from the time of menstruation through menopause.  Please stay tuned!

imageWhen I’m not attending a sacred birth or teaching a childbirth class, I can be found guiding Prenatal and Mommy and Me Yoga classes or counseling women throughout breastfeeding.  I have been practicing yoga since 2002 and guiding since 2006.  Yoga is a very special practice that has revealed a lifestyle in which to live by.  Its systematic and spiritual approach has allowed me to find balance and peace during my busiest days.  In August of 2012, I truly tested my yoga.  I gave birth not only to a beautiful bright-spirited boy but also to myself as a new mama.  I had a peaceful and wonderful water birth experience.  It transformed me and empowered me!  Shortly after giving birth to my son, Jaden, I observed the thirst for womanly community.  These circles meant so much to me as I began re-identifying myself as a strong competent mama.  

These experiences have shaped me into the woman I am today.  They continue to feed me and others as I share my stories and lessons.  The most powerful offering I can share with the community is the power of knowledge and the power of love.  For me, this is my passion, this is my service, and this is my path.  I’m grateful and happy to share all of this with you.