Love for our Doula

Posted on Dec 12, 2014

Our experience with Alyssa was really outstanding. She not only educated my husband and I and acted as pillar of support during labor & delivery, but she also cultivated a friendship with us that we truly cherish.

My husband was skeptical about hiring a doula, since he had never heard of the role before and thought it was kind of a scam job seeing as both his parents are physicians. After our experience with Alyssa, he holds a strong stance that every birth, ESPECIALLY hospital births, should be supported by a doula.

I wanted a natural birth, and I got it thanks to her support. But honestly, I agree with my husband, that Alyssa would have been an integral role in our experience at the hospital even if I had planned to have an epidural or C-section.

She really helped us navigate through our entire experience and we are forever grateful.

-Lisa Rosen