Prior to your first prenatal appointment I encourage you to schedule a consultation where we can get a feel for each other, talk about why you are interested in having a home birth and confirm that you are a low-risk and healthy candidate for home birth.

Throughout your pregnancy your appointments will include education and discussion about nutrition, exercise, changes in your body, your baby’s development, birth preparation, sibling preparation, breastfeeding, informed consent on standard tests and procedures, newborn and postpartum care, your emotional well-being, and discussion on your questions and concerns.

Your mental and emotional well-being is very important throughout your pregnancy.  It will contribute greatly to the overall womb ecology in which your baby is growing. Your baby not only receives what you eat and drink, it also receives what you think and feel! Through your pregnancy I will encourage you to do the work of clearing your mental and emotional space for you and your baby as you move into your labor and birth process.

Big sister's favorite part of mama's prenatal visit.

Big sister’s favorite part of mama’s prenatal visit.

I invite and encourage dads to be present in as many visits as possible and love to make siblings little midwife helpers in mama’s care! I encourage you to be active in your prenatal care by providing you informed consent on routine procedures and teaching you how to check your urine and weight. In addition to this we monitor your blood pressure, your baby’s growth pattern, your baby’s kicks and movement, his or her position, and listen to your baby’s heart at every visit.

Schedule of visits:

At your initial appointment I will review your initial paperwork including your medical history, consent forms, any risk factors, and discuss specific early prenatal education points. At this time I will also conduct appropriate lab work to get a baseline of your physical well-being. During your second visit I will complete a physical exam including offering you a pap smear as well as discuss your preferences for genetic screening.

Your visits will be every 4 weeks until your 28th week, every 2 weeks until your 36th week and every week until you give birth to your baby with appropriate lab work done throughout. All of your lab work will be conducted by me throughout your pregnancy with the exception of an ultrasound which I would refer you for.

After the birth of your baby we will have telephone check-ins to monitor both you and your baby for the first 24 hours after your birth.  On day 2, I will visit you again to monitor your healing and transition and to perform the newborn metabolic screen.  At this time I will also verify and file your birth certificate. I will encourage you to visit your chosen pediatrician who is specialized in caring for your newborn baby 1 to 2 days following your birth. I will then see you again at 2 weeks and 6 weeks postpartum to continue monitoring you and your baby and ensure your healthy transition into motherhood!

Childbirth Preparation:

You and your partner will be encouraged to attend a childbirth education class series of your choice throughout the course of your pregnancy.  We have wonderful childbirth classes in town geared toward natural birth and have instructors we can whole-heartedly recommend. It is important that you assume as much responsibility in your pregnancy and birth process as you can so that you have the best possible experience.  Home birth can be an empowering and transcending experience, giving you the opportunity to step back into your life and society as a changed woman.  The kind of childbirth preparation that we encourage is about much more than learning the stages of labor, it is meant to prepare you in body, mind, and spirit for your birth process and your new role as parents.

Throughout your pregnancy you will also have the opportunity to attend other workshops and gatherings to take your self-exploration deeper. There is no limit to the level of transformation that is possible when one is brave enough and committed to their own growth and self-development!