Managing Motherhood in a New World ~ Guest Post

In 2006 as I was awaiting the birth of my first child and eager to continue my self-exploration and self-awakening, I was introduced to a set of tools and exercises that would change my life forever.  I was introduced to the Avatar Course by some dear friends who had recently attended.  I attended the course even though I was due to give birth within a couple of weeks!  Thankfully I finished the course without going into labor!

What I gained from this experience has helped me immensely not just when it came time to birth my daughter but throughout motherhood.  It is why I refer to this journey of mothering as a spiritual path.  With these tools I have learned how to better control my mind, direct my attention, and deliberatly create my life.  I have learned appreciation for all experiences and compassion for all beings and their experiences.  These things have been invaluable to my motherhood path and life journey.  Without them I would fall victim to circumstance and old life patterns.  With them I am empowered and in charge of my life.  It is from this space that I wish to raise my children.

Recently my friend Karen Noelle, with whom I am honored to help teach the Avatar Course to hundreds of people ready to make a change, had a beautiful and awakening experience connecting to a group of mamas.  She shares her experience in the following post which I am happy to share here!




I was invited to speak at the Tree of Life Birthing Center in Orlando last week. It was “National Latch On Day!” This meant that at 10:30am EST, mothers across the nation were breast feeding their children simultaneously. My original plan was to talk about personal development, how beliefs effect your reality and then lead them into a guided compassion exercise. Well that plan went right out the window! There were moms everywhere tending to crying or hunger or their preschool siblings who were busy exploring the facility. I did however have the opportunity to engage with them and ask them about their challenges and concerns as mothers. When one answered, the rest agreed. I was surprised and intrigued by their answers. One of the greatest concerns across the board was comparing their children. Wow, that was certainly unexpected and I was really interested in that. They were comparing how they were learning, their size, how they were breast feeding, if they were using the right methods or medicines, and the list went on. Not only do we compare ourselves as adults, but there was a comparison game happening with the children. It made me wonder if that’s where it really begins? What if we were all confident in our decisions, trusted our own path and intuition and were happy and content with our individual journeys? Would the comparison game end? I would imagine. This also told me why learning to control and quiet your own mind as a mother can be invaluable. There is a need for our sabatoging thoughts to be put to rest and to be at peace with ourselves, our children and the lives we are creating. They also expressed concern with losing their identity as a woman and not being able to create balance in the roles they play. As a former daycare teacher and nanny I heard this time and again with parents. The children become their whole world and they lose sense of who they really are. Your needs aren’t met, so neither are the children’s really, even though the “right” action steps are being taken day in and day out. Are you really present? Are you engaged or are you daydreaming and thinking about what is next on your list that day? Once again, learning how to control and manage your own mind becomes invaluable.

I am going to offer to you that there is a solution. There are effective tools that can show you the inner workings of your own unique mind. You can stop the tapes that are playing. You can rewrite them. You can shut them off entirely and find peace of mind any time you wish. Moms across the globe have dropped everything to do The Avatar Course. Why? Because in 9 days you will have full control of your attention, strengthen your willpower, uncover the unconsciously held beliefs that are directing your life, quiet the mind without meditation, feel and release any emotion without stuffing or projecting it, surrender all judgement and see the world through clear eyes, redirect your life toward your dreams, let go of mental impressions you have of your body and other people and finally come fully into the present moment here and now shaping your life as you choose it to be. Life becomes easy. It only takes 9 days. You EXPERIENCE the changes rather than reading about them. You find your own answers rather than being told how to be or what you should be doing. You are empowered, you are free, and you are at peace. An enlightened Mom, now setting an example for others that it CAN be done, it CAN be easy and you do not have to suffer through it.

You do NOT have to feel like a bad Mom, you do NOT have to feel like you are failing and you can feel like you ARE teaching them correctly.

It is your job to do whatever it takes to find that truth within yourself. You can always create “later”, so why not stretch yourself to create NOW?

The only regret you will find is that you did not do it sooner <3.

Pictured above are my niece and godson. Their parents have the Avatar tools and use them continually to create harmony in their relationship and to raise their children deliberately.



Personal development coach, author and holistic healthcare educator. Karen shares her knowledge and personal journey in hopes that changing even one life will lead to creating a better world today.