What if...

The journey through motherhood was as much about birthing a new you as it was about birthing a new baby?

How Can We Support You?

Midwifery Care

"Slow midwifery" means intimate prenatal care, hour-long visits, home birth, water birth, and in-home postpartum care.

Pregnancy & Postpartum Support Circles

Mama Rising is where community meets you on your journey. We are not meant to do this alone!

& Classes

From Sacred Pregnancy Day to Bloom, our gatherings support your journey with reverence and beauty.

Nurturing Growth Through Motherhood

We are an intimate midwifery practice where great importance and attention is given to the emotional and spiritual significance of pregnancy, birth, and motherhood in our lives. One where personal growth is at the core of the experience and relationship between midwife and client.

Beyond our practice of diverse, evidence-based, and culturally-sensitive care, the highest goal of Sacred Birth is to hold the entire journey and transition as sacred and to use it as a catalyst for self-growth.

"The whole point of woman-centered birth is the knowledge that a woman is the birth power source. She may need, and deserve, help, but in essence, she always had, currently has, and will have the power."

The Sacred Birth Team

We are a team of women, mothers, who strive to serve humanity from our highest place, and in alignment and integrity with our soul’s purpose.

Among our purpose is to educate, to nurture, to empower, and to inspire personal growth…ultimately all to be a vessel for the real work to be done on this planet.

What Our Clients Say

Frequently Asked Questions

An OB is a maternity care provider that can perform surgery. Most work exclusively in the hospital and are part of large group practices. Most OB prenatal visits are 15 min long, and care, including birth, is generally with a different doctor each time.

Midwives are maternity care providers that care for low-risk women usually in an intimate practice setting, outside of the hospital. Midwives are legal and licensed in the state of Florida and practice a holistic model of care that includes in-depth counseling and education, shared decision-making, an emphasis on mental-emotional wellness, breastfeeding, parenting, and a general focus on the whole person and a healthy transition to motherhood.

Doulas provide educational support prenatally as well as labor support. They are able to assist with a healthy transition to motherhood and are also knowledgeable in breastfeeding and parenting resources. Although doulas are not maternity healthcare providers, they are a valuable part of the support team for mothers regardless of the place of birth. 

Due to having low-risk clients with healthy, low-risk pregnancies, our transfer rate is very low. We are trained to identify risk factors and transfer to the hospital before complications become true emergencies. We carry medications such as pitocin, IV fluids, oxygen, and resuscitation equipment that allow us to manage some complications at home. As a maternity healthcare provider in the state of Florida we also train and certify in Neonatal Resuscitation and CPR every 2 years.

During your care we discuss the reasons why we might transfer to the hospital and what happens during a transfer. We have great relationships with our community hospitals and facilitate a smooth transfer of care in the small percentage of births where it might be necessary. 

We are considered out-of-network providers with insurance companies. Many plans have high deductibles making it a small difference to pay out of pocket for your care. We partner with a specialized midwifery biller that will give you the specifics of your plan’s maternity benefits. If your plan has a low deductible and covers home birth then she will assist you in seeking reimbursement by filing a claim on your behalf after your care is complete. 

Payment plans with us are available throughout the course of your care.  Should you need longer terms of 2-5 years, you will have the option of working with a medical financing company. Most of our clients use our monthly, interest-free payment plan and are paid in full before their birth.

Yes!  Many of our clients feel great relief laboring in water and often give birth to their babies in the water.  Water birth is a safe and gentle way to welcome your baby into the world.  We bring a birthing tub to every birth we attend and you will have the option to labor in it and give birth in it should you choose. 

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