Sacred Birth @ the Hospital

Posted on Dec 12, 2014

desireemoss During some late night research about doulas I stumbled across Alyssa’s website and emailed her for more information. I can honestly say that was one of the best decisions I ever made. Alyssa is one of the nicest, most approachable, and caring people that I have ever met and my husband and I thank our lucky stars that she was part of our birth team.

This was my first pregnancy and after doing some research and talking to other moms about their birth experiences, I knew I wanted to try for a natural birth and labor at home as much as possible. When discussing these goals with Alyssa, she always listened very carefully and really helped me to feel justified in my decisions. I really liked that Alyssa was willing to meet with us more than the standard one or two meetings that most doulas incorporate into their fees. We met with Alyssa no less than four times before our delivery and each time she coached us on various topics which really allowed us to go into the final stages of my pregnancy feeling educated and prepared.

When it came time for the actual labor and delivery, Alyssa was absolutely amazing, staying with my husband and me for more than 10 hours until my daughter was born. With her help and coaching, I was able to labor in the peace and quiet of my own home, arriving at the hospital fully dilated, just in time to deliver my daughter naturally which had been my goal all along. She stopped by the hospital later in the day to check on us and even brought us lunch from Whole Foods! She was also a huge help with breastfeeding and worked with me on getting my daughter to latch properly, both at the hospital and at a later postpartum visit.

I highly recommend Alyssa as a doula. I honestly don’t think my birth experience would have been nearly as pleasant and memorable without Alyssa’s involvement. As I look to my future with hopes of a having a second child, I know that Alyssa will be an integral part of my plans.

– Desiree Moss