Sacred Birth Winter Class Series

Posted on Dec 4, 2014

Sacred Birth Winter Class Series

IMG_9634 (2) We’re happy to share our amazing childbirth classes with the community.

We hope you’ll join us at the Florida School of Holisitic Living on January 6.


Experience Childbirth Education like you never have before! This class series goes far beyond the ‘stages of labor’ into experiential knowledge of your birthing body, your beliefs, and your baby. Explore deeper using visualization, contemplation, discussion, birth art, and vocalization among other tools. Some topics include:
  • Connect Deeply with your Baby
  • Learn about Womb Ecology
  • Explore Instinctive Birthing
  • Dive into Breathing Techniques & Comfort Measures
  • Experience Fear Release Processes
  • Gain Confidence in your Birthing Body
  • Learn How To Successfully Breastfeed
  • Explore the Benefits of your Placenta
  • Learn the Art & Science of Attachment Parenting
    & More

Join the Sacred Birth family for this special and interactive Birthing Class. The class is designed to be attended by birthing women and their partners and/or doulas. Please contact Alyssa at 407-341-6962 or for more information on how to register for the class series.

*HOMEBIRTH CLIENTS please note, there will be an extra night of class (a total of 5 classes) for you. This 5th class will specifically review topics pertaining to home birth and will end on Feb 3 instead of Jan 27.

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