Precious baby Maggie

This sweet baby girl almost came before the midwives could arrive!  She was born less than one hour after daddy’s call to alert me mama was in labor…less than one hour after that call!!  She was very eager to enter the world!  Born in her bathtub at home too!  Welcome to the planet beautiful girl […]

Welcome to the planet Naomi ❤️

Sweet baby Naomi made her entrance in mama’s own garden tub.  Such a beautiful, undisturbed, and peaceful birth.  Her mama was so proud of her achievement and just radiated sheer beauty minutes after she was born <3            

Introducing baby Hugo ❤️

This precious chunker of a baby was born right in his bedroom at home in the water.  Mama’s third baby and first home birth!  His big sisters couldn’t be more elated at his arrival!  Welcome earth-side sweet little angel <3     

Welcome baby Jaz Evelyn Marva Jem ❤️

This beautiful brand new family was born in the wee hours of the morning! A most sacred and peaceful water birth for this baby girl.  Welcome to the planet baby Jaz Evelyn Marva Jem, prepare to walk the planet with an epic name and two beautifully tender parents ❤️   

Welcome beautiful baby Azai!

Baby Azai was water-born on May 26.  He gets to share his birthday with Michelle’s own mama ❤️ Welcome to the planet sweet baby.  What a beautiful birth you had.  You should know that your mama was very brave and strong giving birth to you ❤️      

Welcome to the planet baby Lucas ❤️

Lucas Ronin was born at home on May 19 into his daddy’s waiting hands!  He took his sweet time but finally decided to join his big brother earth side ❤️

Precious Xoe Fae Born Outdoors!

The breeze, the stars, the crickets, the soft belly dancing music in the background, the smell of the fire, and finally the ecstatic sounds of mama birthing her baby into her hands and precious Xoe Fae’s first sounds on the planet ❤️

Sweet Basha Maple…all 10lbs 6oz!

Sweet baby Basha Maple decided to enter the planet on her own time!  Mama, daddy, and big brothers patiently waited for her to say it was time and she finally did about 2 weeks past her “estimated due date”.  Precious chunker of a baby at 10lbs 6oz, Basha Maple was born in the water in her […]

Welcome earthside sweet River Hawk ❤️

This beautiful family of 3 just became a family of 4! Big sister Pepper is adjusting to her baby brother. This darling little angel was born in the caul as his mama welcomed him earth-side in her own tub.

Birth of Mila Ferro <3

I recommend ANY expecting mama to have the assistance of a doula. We had no idea how important Alyssa was going to be during our birth experience. I met her through prenatal yoga class, as she was the instructor. I was intrigued by her expertise and gentleness. After researching her site, and shared who she was with my […]