The weeks and months following your birth are a powerful time of transition for you and your baby.  It is a magical time I commonly refer to as your babymoon, in which you are falling in love with your baby and forming the deepest of bonds.  You are learning your baby’s cues, learning how to nurse, and establishing new rhythms.

Physically and emotionally your body had to do the work of opening to give birth to your baby and it takes time for the body and emotions to regain a sense of balance.  Tissues need to heal.  The body needs to be nourished and allowed to rest so that it may then be able to nourish another life. Taking herbal sitz baths, sleeping when your baby sleeps, eating warm nourishing foods, are just some ways that you can support yourself during your babymoon.

It is important that this time be honored and not rushed.  I cannot stress enough the importance of this period for a mother’s short and long-term health.  Rushing out of this phase or experiencing excessive stress during this time depletes a mother’s energy and emotional resources and can lead to a weakened physical and emotional state for months and even years to come.

A key for postpartum bliss is to slow things way down and allow others to support you.  Your partner, your family, and your close friends can help take care of YOU so that you can take care of your baby.  Here are some things I strongly recommend that you do for a peaceful and blissful postpartum:

Each culture has it’s own postpartum traditions.  Unfortunately here in the U.S we are expected to get “back to normal” as quickly as possible, six weeks being the maximum time allowed for this powerful transition to take place.  It is my hope and intention that every family honor this very special time in ways that support the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of both mother and baby.

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